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Common Mistake

You made the common mistake of spelling poseur as poser. Usually I wouldn't correct someone but since your advertising something, it kind of makes you look bad if you spell something wrong. Just saying.

David Spade!

Amazing animation. The style was original and looked great. I can really see the spontaneaty in the plot. (Why does spontaneaty always result in pancakes, pie, or muffins?) Anyways it was great. And the pancake guy sounds like David Spade... in my opinion.

Ups and Downs

Ups - Voice all quite good (Sonic guy's is a little to droll) / Animation / Artwork / Recreation of scenes / Music

Downs - Sonic Character / Kind of dragged on (slow) / Some jokes not too funny

I reccomend making a series with quick and funny jokes. It was pretty impressive!

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This flash was more interactive art than game. The animation, music, and storyline all meshed flawlessly and made for a very captivating experience.

Great game! 9-11 Reference?!

A simple physics game is a perfect recipe for a quick and entertaining flash and anything from Con-Artists is going to be good.
Oh and I just might be paranoid but the first thing I thought when I saw castle 12 was 9-11.

I Hate it Because I Can't Stop

First off, anyone realize the song is a piano version of Linkin Park's Numb? Isn't that it? Maybe I'm wrong.
Anyways, I can't stop playing this stupid game. It's pretty decent. Graphics are poor and certain things need tuning but once you get the hang of how to sell and breed, it's really addicting. Could be much better.
And why beetles?!

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Did you know....

Hey so I was listening to this song and wondering why it sounded so familiar, and then it hit me. The beginning of this song has a chord progression just like this song called Graduation Song by Vitamin C. It was a big hit in the 90's or somthing. My girlfriend was listening to it a while ago. But anyways, great song. I just put you on my favorite artists. Keep it up.


Hey this sounds great. I've been looking for music like this all over NG. Keep it up.


Awesome job. There really is no better title for this song than Pancake Day. All the instruments came together really well. I'm going to give this a download. Once again, good job.

howli responds:


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Very Nice + Question

Hey this looks amazing but I have a question. I'm a big fan of graffiti art and I noticed you said this was created WITH graffiti. I was just wondering what that meant exactly since graffiti is more of an art form than a tool for creating art. No offense, just curious.

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